Advisor Recruiting

As a seasoned advisor, you understand the challenges and opportunities that our industry provides throughout your career. As you evaluate your options, we want to engage in the conversation with you.

As an early adopter of the RIA structure and philosophy, True North has nurtured a client-centric culture and operated with objectivity and transparency, supported by strong systems and best-in-class technology.

We are clear on our long-term vision and goals and have a deep bench of resources and talent, and a platform that we can expand for years to come. Our goal is to thoughtfully grow our business organically and inorganically via recruiting and acquisition activities.

We welcome the opportunity to discuss potential acquisitions and to see if there is a fit in culture, philosophy and structure.

Some of the key questions that you may find helpful as you consider your options:

  • What are your personal and career goals – both short and long term?
  • Do you enjoy sharing the challenges/rewards within a team structure and environment?
  • Could you benefit from scale leverage in technology and operations?
  • Can you maintain or improve your current client experience?
  • Does a dedicated investment team and philosophy enhance your business?
  • Does having an ownership stake in an organization vs. a practice provide you more long term financial security?

If you are interested in pursuing a conversation, please contact Will Sharp at 214.360.7300 or email him at