Celebrating Women Entrepreneurs: Highlights from True North's 2nd Annual Spring Luncheon

Last week, True North had the distinct pleasure of hosting our highly anticipated 2nd Annual Spring Luncheon, a gathering that showcased the wisdom and innovation of some of Dallas’ most inspiring leaders in entrepreneurship. Among our esteemed guest panelists were Susan Bednar Long, Annie Schmidt, Molly Hudson, and the dynamic mother-daughter duo, Carrie Hudson and KK Goodwin.

Susan Bednar Long, the visionary force behind S.B. Long Interiors, graced our event with her unparalleled expertise in luxury interior design. With over 25 years of experience, Susan’s signature Modern Traditional style continues to captivate clients worldwide. Her ability to seamlessly blend contemporary flair with classical elegance creates interiors that are not only sophisticated but also timeless.

Annie Schmidt, the founder and owner of SOS Home Organization, shared her journey of discovering her passion for organization and creating harmonious living spaces. Annie’s innate knack for organization blossomed into a thriving business dedicated to helping clients achieve functional and aesthetically pleasing homes. Her personalized approach and high-touch organization services have made SOS a household name in Dallas and beyond.

Molly Hudson, the visionary behind The Wardrobe Editor, brought her forward-thinking perspective to the discussion, drawing from her extensive background in fashion and product management. With years of experience representing renowned brands and retailers, including Neiman Marcus, Saks Fifth Avenue, Tandy Brands, and ESCADA, Molly’s keen eye for style and trend forecasting continues to shape her sophisticated services that she offers to clients.

Carrie Hudson and KK Goodwin, the dynamic duo behind Mamaka Bowls, delighted our audience with their entrepreneurial journey rooted in a deep love for smoothie and acai bowls. From their humble beginnings in a Laguna Beach getaway to the expansion of their flagship store in Fayetteville, Arkansas, Carrie and KK’s passion for healthy living and delicious food has propelled Mamaka Bowls to success in major markets across Texas.

Our panel discussion was expertly led by Paula Davis, True North’s Managing Director of Partnership Integration. Paula skillfully moderated our panelists and orchestrated such an engaging conversation for all.

As we reflect on the enlightening discussions and invaluable insights shared at our 2nd Annual Spring Luncheon, we are filled with gratitude for Susan, Annie, Molly, Carrie, and KK. Their collective passion, creativity, and vision serve as a testament to the transformative power of entrepreneurship and passion.

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